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Friday, 30 September 2011

Chopperstyle bike show: Roel Scheffers' GS

One bike in the bike show did get my vote, but did not win: Roel Scheffers' Suzuki GS. Why it got my vote? I think it's brilliant. It not only looks fantastic, it's another one of those designs that make you wonder what the builder has been smoking. Who in the world would think of putting KTM fairings on an old GS?!? And the home build fuel tank containing the battery..... Sweet!

The master himself:

And the bike:

He did pretty much everything himself (except for the pin striping). I borrowed some photo's for this post from fotoduda. He makes great photo's, check it out.

And I did a previous post on a bike by Roel, a Z500, you can find it here.

And finally the link to Roel's website.

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