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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cb 750 Cafe Racer

FB-stuff timing cover for the CB 750 caferacer

The weather this morning was so much better than the forecast said (and it will get pretty bad the coming days) that I just had to take the CB out for a ride, despite a light fever. If you look at the photo's you can see a trend: I  am starting to get the hang of unpaved roads. There's a few around here that are legal to ride and they're always nice and quiet.

Two things changed on the CB. One is the exhaust. I welded an end cap on it and the bike sounds so much better now. It sounded great before, but very loud, now it's a nice, muted but warm, sound. The other is the timing cover. FB-stuff send me a clear timing cover to try on the CB. The quality of the cover is excellent, it comes with a really nice gasket and some really nice bolts. It's really cool to see the points at work. Nice. I'll post some more photos of it soon.

It's really cool to see the points at work. But now I will have to replace the dodgy screws and bolts ;)

I met up with my girlfriend in the woods. 

Friday, 25 November 2011

Cafe racer DVD

I caught a fever 2 days ago. Very rare for me, I think the last time was after surgery 10 years ago that I really had a fever. It gave me some time though to finally watch the caferacer TV season 1 DVD the guys at Dime City Cycles kindly send me.

I'll start with the bad stuff. For us Europeans Americans can be a bit 'USA-oriented', people who feel that way will not like comments during the show like 'America is now the hub of the cafe racer scene'. Especially to some English, that might sting a bit and I don't think it's true. It's a world wide thing. There are some pretty wild cafe's coming from not only Europe, the US and Australia, but also Asia. Furthermore it's a show that covers a lot per episode: A few builds, some history and some events. Guaranteed you wont like some of those items (I did not really fancy the electric cafe racer, but it's a DVD, fast forwarding has never been easier). The many items also means that there is not much time per item. There are definitely some build/history/meeting items I would have liked to see more off.

So, that was the bad part, but luckily, there are plenty of good things to say about the show. First of all: It features some really, really great builds and some really cool shots of those builds. The cafe racer scene is very much a back-yard happening, so it is very rare to see images and footage that has been taken by professionals. That you will enjoy. I also liked their history bits with the old footage and old newspaper a lot. And even though I accused them a few lines ago from being a bit USA-oriented, they did take the effort to go to the UK and shoot some really nice items there.

Conclusion:  I would definitely recommend you to order the DVD  it. It's not that expensive and with the whole winter ahead of us, it will be money well spend.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Peccant 500SF powered Yamaha

The Peccant is an exclusive Raider Retro model, a naked street fighter built to thrill, the Peccant has great power to weight ratio, is light, nimble, and ready to impress. If you want to own something different, and genuinely unique, this is it.

Royal Enfield 1948 G2 Bullet Trials

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Foggy night

I helped a friend with his Yamaha XJ550 today. He just bought it and the engine sometimes wouldn't start or it just stalled at random moments. We managed to find the problem: The kill switch. (I just realized this sounds dumber than it was: it was an issue with an electrical connection of the kill switch)

I was On the CB and had brought all my camera gear because I wanted to try some things out in the open field. The sunset and the low fog made it look like a fairytale landscape on the way to the photo location, I was just a few minutes late to catch the right light though.

The way back was pretty scary, the fog was pretty thick. But I made it home safely.

The little light on the top left is the polar star. Unfortunately there is too much light pollution in this crowded little country to have the other stars bright enough to get them on the photo.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Hellion powered Yamaha Warrior by Gregg’s Customs

The Hellion is a Yamaha Road Star Warrior Engine in a G.C. chassis. The chassis was completely designed and built in house at G.C. 505 lbs. with some gas. Feels like sitting on a B-29 engine! 240 rear, 120 front, 102 c.i., Ti brkts., Chromo chassis, Marzocchi, Penske, P.M., G.C. Aluminum bodywork, G.C. Wheels.

Catalyst CB1000RFK by Gregg’s Customs

Built by Gregg’s Customs, the machine started as a CBR1000RR donated by American Honda, long-time supporters of RfK. Gregg DesJardins based the color scheme on that used for Freddie Spencer’s 1981 factory Honda superbike, hand-forming the sidepanels and front “numberplate” from aluminum. Other trick bits are Sato rearsets, Roland Sands Design wheels with custom powder-coat, RSD bar risers, and a trick Leo Vince slip-on silencer in a design otherwise exclusive to the Team Jordan Suzuki AMA SuperBike team. The license-plate holder is Frenched in, as are the turnsignal lights. Gregg’s Customs billet logos grace the fuel tank.