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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Foggy night

I helped a friend with his Yamaha XJ550 today. He just bought it and the engine sometimes wouldn't start or it just stalled at random moments. We managed to find the problem: The kill switch. (I just realized this sounds dumber than it was: it was an issue with an electrical connection of the kill switch)

I was On the CB and had brought all my camera gear because I wanted to try some things out in the open field. The sunset and the low fog made it look like a fairytale landscape on the way to the photo location, I was just a few minutes late to catch the right light though.

The way back was pretty scary, the fog was pretty thick. But I made it home safely.

The little light on the top left is the polar star. Unfortunately there is too much light pollution in this crowded little country to have the other stars bright enough to get them on the photo.

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