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Thursday, 12 May 2011


What I've been up to lately? Riding. Took the CB everywhere. And I mean everywhere, even got a good taste of offroading (which the CB is not very well suited for (massive understatement). Loving it. Spend many, many, many hours riding the CB.

I know I haven't been posting very much lately. Mainly cause I'm a bit fed up with the caferacer scene. The negativity has increased massively lately. I got negative responses to the CB being feautured on BikeExif (mails with: why your bike and not mine? How much did you pay? GTFOH). People moaning about other peoples bike cause they have stock suspension, so they can't be ANY fun to ride (get a life. Oh, and whe I say something about it: Going trough this blog for 1:15 hours to find something negative to say about it is pathetic. Yes, someone actually did that. What he found? My BMW has the stock top triple tree plate and apparently that means it sucks). People and businesses stealing photo's without asking (it's fine if you ask, but don't ask and put YOUR logo on my photo's is LAME). Oh, and also a special thanks to the guy who saw this photo:

and thought she looked like this guy:

Get glasses and come out of the closet please.

In the mean time: Check out Desmo Meister. He's building a great looking Ducati.

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