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Sunday, 1 May 2011

It was about time

I wasn't looking forward too it, but it really was time for me to replace the fork seals. They had been leaking a bit ever since I bought the CB, but lately they got worse. The reason why I postponed it was that I was not looking forward to taking the front apart, but I couldn't wait any longer. All went well, nothing was stuck. Took my time to polish the lower legs again (but not too much, don't want them too shiny) and placed gaitors too cause I like the look.

Aso got some new photo gear. Someone was nice enough to donate a lens and flash. Thank you Lidewij!!

Yes, that is a DCC shirt.

Real bikes have a kickstarter :)

And I need a hair cut.... (that's how busy I have been lately, not even time for that)

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