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Monday, 1 August 2011

Riding into the sunset

These are busy times for me, but don't feel sorry, I am enjoying myself hugely. Done some riding past weekend and even needed the CB today because I had an appointment where I couldn't (reasanobly) go with public transport. So I just had to take the CB, tough luck, I know.... ;)

The Cb has not been running 100% lately though, it's been running rough at higher speeds. I found the problem tonight: The brand new condensers are not working as intended, so I replaced them with old ones I had lying around:

And then it was time to take it for a joyride. The plan was just a short ride to test if everything works, but as usual: I've been riding all night, till the sun went down. Love it.

Took some photo's again too (and a short video, but I'll edit that one later).

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