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Sunday, 9 January 2011

A sunny Sunday

Nice and sunny day today! Bit cold, but finally clean and dry roads. I took the CB for a 3 hour blast trough the Dutch countryside. I had way too much fun to stop for photo's.

When I got back my girlfriend wanted a go with the CB. She had not ridden the bike before, so I was curious to see if the bike wouldn't be too big or heavy for her. But all was fine, she loved it and she felt comfortable with the bike within a few meters.

I made some photo's, but the sun was already gone.

We've also worked on the Virago again this week. We've really been fighting the carb lately and this week was no exception. The bike gave a nice fire works display while trying to tune the carb:

First part of the video is from the side, second part is looking into the exhausts form the rear. I took the carb home with me to clean it thoroughly, which I've just done. We also need to find more (bigger) jets to play with to find the right set up. It's demanding quite a bit of our patience, but we'll get it to work.

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