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Friday, 17 February 2012

Acewell 4453

I was planning to do a photo how-to on installing the Acewell, but it's so simple that photo's would make it look way more complicated than it is. The Acewell comes with a wiring diagram, every wire has a color and a function. For instance: The wire that goes to the Oil LED is light gray. If you look at the wire diagram of a CB750 K2, you will see that on a K2, the color of that wire is red-blue. Just connect those two. Do that for all the wires of the Acewell and that's it. You don't even need to be technically inclined to be able to do this.

Note the exhaust end cap. I realized I've not yet posted photo's that show it properly, so here it is. I welded it on to make the exhaust sound a bit more civilized. I made it out of an ashtray and it works perfectly. 
The unit is slightly larger than the mechanical tacho that used to be on the CB. I decided to move it to the middle, where I think it looks best. 
One of the functions is the volt meter, here showing 12v at approximately 1100 rpm.
The RPM needle gives the 4453 a bit more of a classic look than the 2853. A big plus in my book.
The weather is terrible and the bike is really dirty. I'll make some better photo's as soon as teh weather clears up a bit.

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