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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Not much biking going on

As you might have noticed: I did not update the blog last week. Partly that's due to me being busy, but mostly it's due to the weather. It's not been very nice on the days that I had time, so the bikes remained in the shed. Here's a short photo story of my past 2 weeks or so:

Winter near the village where I grew up in the Dutch river area (Betuwe)
This is what we do over here when there's ice: We go skating. En masse. Millions of people spend there weekends on the ice or took days off from work to go skating. I did a few trips myself.
A friend of mine bought spikes for the tires of his Super Motard
He asked me if I wanted to come and take photos. Hell yes :)
Last weekend the weather finally improved and it started to feel a bit like spring (although now it's grey, wet and cold again). Those are not birds, they are dogfighting planes! Impressive to see!
Almost as impressive were the signs of nature waking up for the coming spring.

But the singes of spring are there, hopefully the weather will improve soon. I have some very interesting photo shoots planned with bikes that (yet) haven't made it to any blogs, so they'll be BMW Cafe Blog exclusives :)

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